5 Fun Ideas For Eye-Catching Halloween Window Decorations

Halloween Window Decorations

There are lots of ways to decorate your windows for the Halloween season. If you want people on the outside to get a glimpse of your Halloween spirit then Halloween Window Decorations are perfect for doing just that. The great part is you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a lot of fun and show off your skills. Here are five ideas to inspire you. Children love making these kinds of decorations, so why not get the whole family involved for even more fun.

Spiders And Bats

Some of the simplest and most popular decorations come in the form of hanging spiders and bats. These can be made at home using cardboard, construction paper, tissue and pipe cleaners, and then hung down the glass using pieces of string. They may be simple, but they help create the atmosphere for anyone passing by and looking at your home.


You can’t have spiders without cobwebs! There are plenty of cobweb decorations to be found; you may want cobwebs across the entire surface of your windows or depending on your window theme cobwebs that just go in the corners. If you want to make your own then you can cut shapes out of cardboard or create intricate spider web patterns using string. You can also use a few cotton balls you may have lying around – just quickly pull them apart or stretch them out and add them to your current window display. Quilt batting is great for this too.

Autumn Window Decorations

Some people like to use an autumn theme for their Halloween window decorations. This means orange, purple, green and gold colored leaves, dried flowers, and vegetables like pumpkins and gourds. If you have a lot of nature around you can go foraging and create your own Halloween garlands for the window. Or you could buy artificial leaves and flowers if you want to use them year after year. The beauty of using autumn decorations is that you can set them up for Halloween, tweak them and continue using through Thanksgiving.

Halloween Curtains

Some people like to go all out and decorate the windows with Halloween themed curtains. If you’re the craftsy type you can grab some really cute Halloween fabrics at your local fabric store, if not you can buy ready-made Halloween curtains online and a limited supply at local stores. If you’re going for an overall spooky theme in your home then you may choose simple gothic velvet in select colors to match the rest of your Halloween décor. Although curtains cost more than other Halloween decorations, they’re cost effective if you plan on using them again and again. You will probably find your best selection on line.

Life-Sized Halloween Dummies

If you want to get really creative you could decorate your windows with life-sized Halloween dummies? It might be a mummy staring out at passersby, a zombie trying to escape from your home, or even the model of a skeleton staring out of your window. These create an excellent display to show off your Halloween decorating expertise and spirit to the outside world.